Mobile card payment devices with Geoff Smith Tech GST-PASS

  1. Purchase
  2. Account creation
  3. Setup
  4. Show & Support

Device Purchase cost approximately £35 to £70+
Account Creation, Setup, Show & Support cost approximately £39+


  1. SumUp AIR: £35, No Monthly Fees, 1.69% Fixed Transaction Fees
  2. Square Reader: £35, 1.75% Transaction Fees
  3. Zettle Reader 2: £70, 1.75% Transaction Fees
  4. Many others


Out of the popular mobile card payment devices such as SumUp, Square, and Zettle, SumUp is considered one of the best terminals due to its low transaction fees, ideal for new businesses, and straightforward app. It offers a fixed pricing system and a long-lasting battery in the SumUp Air model, making it suitable for mobile businesses. Additionally, SumUp provides unlimited data via SIM card and has an inbuilt 3G connection. Its customer support is also known to be good, making it a popular option for start-up businesses.

Features to consider:-

  • Fee Structures. These Brands use pay per transaction % vs other Brands which charge monthly terminal fees as well.
  • Battery Life
  • Ease of use for business and customers
  • Reporting available
  • Payouts speed
  • Connection methods: Wifi / Mobile Data / Bluetooth to phone or tablet
  • Online shops

1. SumUp:-

  • SumUp 3G is one of the best card machines for fees in the UK
  • It has the lowest transaction fees (1.69%) and a fixed pricing system
  • Ideal for newbies and seasoned business owners looking to simplify and minimize costs
  • Popular option for start-up businesses
  • Good customer support and a straightforward app
  • SumUp Air has a long-lasting battery, making it suitable for mobile businesses
  • Offers unlimited data via SIM card and has an inbuilt 3G connection
  • Provides everything needed to start and scale a business

2. Square:-

  • Square Card Reader is a payment device for small businesses on a budget
  • It offers advanced features such as POS system integration and on-glass chip and pin payment
  • Compatible with various POS hardware
  • Customers input their PIN codes on the screen of a mobile device
  • Strong security measures in design
  • Multiple app integrations available
  • Customers are unlikely to be bothered by the fact that it is a terminal mobile phone or tablet as long as it looks professional
  • The device allows for live and online transactions all from one-point-of-control
  • While the card reader has industry-leading features, it may not be suitable for businesses that require traditional transaction methods

3. Zettle:-

  • Zettle by PayPal is a payment gateway that works with various payment providers, including Diners Card and Amex
  • The service is contract-free, and fees are charged per transaction
  • The Zettle card reader works with smartphones and tablets and can be used for both online and live sales
  • It can also be integrated with third-party infrastructure to form a complete point-of-sale setup
  • The battery life is up to 8 hours, and transaction processing is fast
  • Customer service is limited, and agents are only available during work hours