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Holly Mantell

I have been using Geoff’s services for a number of years, he offers such wonderful help and support and I would be lost without his services

Thank you for everything Geoff

Elaine Cusack

I had a rough idea of what I wanted my website to look like. Geoff took my sketch and turned it into a Sistine Chapel ceiling of a website!

Geoff worked with me by listening to me and was able to see my aims and ambitions for the site through my eyes. The result is a website everyone loves , including me. I am signed up for Geoff’s monthly IT support plan and know that by working together we can build and expand my beautiful website.

Geoff is flexible, honest, creative, talented, innovative, up to speed on tech and online innovations and very reasonably priced.

I would recommend Geoff Smith Tech to anyone. In fact, I’ve already started spreading the word!

Annie Mckale

Geoff is a very kind, genuine man & a whizz kid with computers etc! He’s saved my disappearing work many times!! Love him ❤️

Kimberley Mack

Totally agree he is a great help to me @ The A.V. Wellness The A.V. ‘Wellness’ Centre. Congratulations Geoff and wish you continued success in your new office.

Ken Mulley-Smith

Disclosure Geoff is my brother. Over many years even decades he has provided tech support. This is an understatement. In the 80’s he was involved in the design of the first cashpoints and subsequent rollouts. He has programmed payroll systems which even today are still the foundation for how we all get paid. His knowledge of tech is beyond the stars at times. If his name was Bob, yes he can fix it. He is a friendly giant, approachable and kind of heart. No matter what your tech problem, have a chat with him. You will be surprised how quickly he can resolve the issue. His website building skills are immense. He solves things I cannot fathom out. So, call him.

Kind Regards

Ken, his brother.

Nigel King

I have been involved in one way or another for almost thirty years in building websites, or rather having websites built for me, and my various businesses. Some websites have been okay, some mediocre and some quite frankly awful. I’ve paid thousands of pounds for some sites that have taken up to two years to get working enough to be functional, but hardly quality sites that showcased a business.

So when I was given a wholehearted recommendation by a friend for Geoff Smith Tech as a website developer I was optimistic, but not really ready or expecting what actually happened. Asked “when would you like it done by” well, of course I said “yesterday” and then expected somewhere between next week and two years.

I think it took just two days to get to a functioning site and another two to have ecommerce, a working shop with SSL certificate, Royal Mail Click and Drop Integration, dozens of active pages and a full on presence in my business market, linked to Mailchimp, Woo Commerce, PayPal and heaven knows what else.

I know Geoff worked tirelessly day and night to get the site working and never took his eye off the ball for weeks as the business took shape.

What really is the test for me is how a website developer works to help the consumer (ie me) grow into the website and get to grips with it. Geoff literally helped every step of the way with nothing other than a friendly approach, offers of enduring assistance (which I could never have survived without). I never, ever experienced the terse kind of comments I have had from previous website developers that are keen to leave their clients behind once payment is made and the site only just passes muster.

And when, within six weeks of ground zero, my website grew from 20 hits day to 20,000 hits daily (35,000 hits on one day), the website didn’t falter. Sales also grew by a percentage that I can’t figure out because it was so big, but every step of the way Geoff was still holding my hand in the terror and excitement of it all.

So I can put my hand on my heart and say that I couldn’t endorse a developer any more than I could Geoff. My business would never be what it is without Geoffs professionalism, skill and assistance which lasted long after the original build was completed. Set aside website competency, I have also discovered that Geoff has an untapped wealth of tools to apply to difficult business integration issues, (of which I am sure I have only scratched the surface).

If you would like to ask any more then don’t be afraid to get hold of me. I think you already know the answer you will get.

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”
— Steve Jobs